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How a Document Scanning Service Works

There are five key elements in a document scanning program. Each one is essential to making your document conversion project a success.

Document Preparation

Organizing and prepping your paperwork is a critical step for your document scanning project. There's several steps you can take to make sure your documents are ready to go and your project moves forward quickly.

Double-check all your documents to ensure they're not stuck together. Remove all tape, staples, and paper clips, and be sure to note which pages are double-sided. Organize your documents in the order you want them scanned and indexed.


This is the actual process of converting your paper documents into electronic images. Your documents can be scanned and stored multiple ways. Convert them to .PDF files on a external hard drive, or have them uploaded to a cloud storage service.


An index is an electronic field added to each image that will give you the ability to organize and search for your files in the future.

Ensure that you consider all the index fields based on your company needs. This helps make the process of searching and storing your digital documents easier.

Electronic Storage & Document Management

Determining how you want to store and access your documents is an important piece to the puzzle. Make sure to consider security and access when you're looking at the system.

Are you going to utilize a cloud storage system that can be accessed from anywhere, or are you going to implement an electronic document management system to keep your digital documents organized?

Choosing the right system that fits your needs will set your project up for success.

Retrieval and Access

Electronic documents are of no value if you can't get to them. You need to set up a system where they are easy to access but secure enough to keep unauthorized employees out.